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At Apex Fence Company, we are committed to our customer's satisfaction and to the professional workmanship we provide for every fence installation.

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With a history of fence installations since 2005, the team at Apex Fence Company has been dedicated to serving both industrial and commercial properties throughout various areas Georgia. Whether you require a durable chain link fence, an elegant aluminum fence, or specialized security or perimeter fencing for industrial complexes and distribution centers, we have the expertise and resources to fulfill your needs. Our specialization extends beyond fences, and we pride ourselves on offering an array of security solutions, including sound barriers, fall protection fences, guardrails, bollards, and much more.

An Exceptional Atlanta Professional Fence Contractor

From your initial interaction with our team to the entire process of exploring fencing options to designing a plan and installation, we prioritize your satisfaction. Even after the job is completed, we stand behind our work with a workmanship warranty. Trust the expertise of Apex Fence Company to deliver exceptional fencing services in the Atlanta Georgia area!

We're Here to Help!

If you're in need of any information or assistance, look no further than the seasoned experts at Apex Fence Company. With our extensive background in the industry, we are confident that we can assist you in finding the most suitable choices for your property in Atlanta Georgia.

How Will You Use Your Fence?

Customers throughout Atlanta rave about the exceptional service and products provided by Apex Fence Company. For 18 years we've specialized in installing fences tailored to your property's security, privacy, aesthetics, and more, ensuring your needs are met within your budget.

Atlanta Georgia residential fencing contractor

Atlanta Georgia Benefits of Residential Fences

Enhance property aesthetics and security

Installing decorative fencing for your residence not only enhances its aesthetic appeal, it also adds additional security. For homeowners who rank these benefits as a top priority, aluminum fences are often the preferred choice thanks to their elegance and long-lasting durability. No matter the fence type, a new fence installation will increase your property's value.

Define property borders effectively with picket or split rail fences

Picket fences and split rail fences are a top option across Atlanta. If you need to cover a wide area, they offer a solution that is both cost-effective and beautiful. Because of the aesthetic value it provides, this particular design of the fence is often mandated by many homeowners associations.

Ensure pool safety with compliant barriers

Due to the increased risk for children under six near swimming pools, many jurisdictions enforce laws on pool fence installation. These barriers must offer unobstructed views, secure gate latches, and can't be scaled. Regulations also cover fence height and placement. Aluminum, vinyl, and chain link are favored for their combination of affordability and security.

Protect family and pets

In Atlanta, people often choose vinyl, chain link, or wooden backyard fences. But you can also use materials like aluminum and ornamental steel. With custom options ranging from open designs to full-privacy, each fence is great for securing children and pets. Our extensive range of options is sure to suit your unique needs.

Atlanta Georgia commercial fencing contractor

Atlanta Georgia Benefits of Commercial Fences

Improve curb appeal to attract more customers

The first impression a potential customer gets of your business matters. Don't risk them being put off by a messy property or a damaged fence. Fencing around a commercial property shows customers that you're dedicated and take pride in your business's appearance.

Increase company safety with strong fencing

A strong, solid fence is the foundation of any effective security setup on a commercial property. You can even add additional safety measures such as a security gate and barbed wire for added protection and peace of mind. Keep your valuables, customers, and employees safe with a durable commercial fence for your property.

Reduce liability risks

There may be areas at certain commercial properties that need to be restricted or have potentially harmful areas that need to be off limits to avoid accidents. A strong Atlanta fence will make it clear to the public that they should stay out of those hazardous areas, reducing your liability.

Provide privacy for customers and employees

Many business owners in Atlanta need privacy to do their work. For professionals like lawyers or doctors, it's crucial to keep their clients' privacy intact. Fencing can also be handy at construction sites, hiding equipment and materials from public view. For added aesthetic appeal and durability, consider our commercial aluminum or decorative metal fences.

Fencing Styles we Recommend for Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia residents have a choice of five main types of fence for their property. There are a lot of different styles in each of the five types, so you can find the perfect one that fits your needs, whether you want a fence for privacy, security, decoration, or to protect your pool. Our team is here to help you design your next fence!

Aluminum Fence, Ornamental steel Fence,  Vinyl fence, Wood Fence and chain link fence options in the Atlanta Georgia area.
Aluminum fence options in the Atlanta Georgia area.

Elegant Aluminum Fences Look Great at Atlanta Properties

Aluminum fencing may provide both style and security to your Atlanta home or business. Our premium metal fences are backed by extensive warranties and will keep your family or business safe for decades, and look great doing it!

Explore Aluminum Fences
Ornamental steel fence options in the atlanta-georgia area.

Strong and Elegant Ornamental Steel Fences for your Property

For a cut above the rest, choose a Ornamental steel fence for your Atlanta property. If you're looking for something with the elegance of aluminum, but even stronger in material, Ornamental steel is the answer!

Explore Ornamental Steel Fence Options
Vinyl fence options in the Atlanta Georgia area.

Choose Vinyl Fencinng for a Low Maintenance Way to Create Privacy and Security

Homeowners in Atlanta often install vinyl fences around their properties for its low maintenance, attractive features. Depending on your preference, you may choose one with solid walls or one with open pickets. Since it is both durable and resilient, it is an excellent option for the climate of Atlanta.

Explore Vinyl Fence Options
Wood fence options in the Atlanta Georgia area.

Wood Fences are Naturally Beauttiful and Completely Customizable

The natural element of wood fences looks great in properties all over Atlanta. Even though prices can change, wood is often one of the least expensive up-front options. It does, however, require more care and maintenance than other materials. When it comes to aesthetic and color options, nothing has more than wood fences!

Explore Wood Fence Options
Chain Link fence options in the atlanta-georgia area.

Chain Link Fences are Cost Effective and Practical

In terms of practicality, chain link fences are the best choice for property owners in the Atlanta region. This sort of fence, which can be used for both residential and commercial purposes, provides the best of both worlds: security and cost-effectiveness.

Explore Chain Link Fence Options

Our Expert Team is Ready to Assist You!

The knowledgeable team members at Apex Fence Company are available to assist you with any inquiries or requests you may have. With our many years of industry experience, we are fully equipped to help you choose the optimal fencing and commercial solutions for your property in Atlanta Georgia.

Wood Fences in Atlanta Georgia

Wood fences are a great option for Atlanta, GA residents because of the tremendous number of custom styles and colors you can achieve with wood fencing materials. Below, we are providing a partial list of the most popular fence styles chosen by your friends and neighbors across the greater Atlanta area.

Wood fence styles that are popular in Atlanta GA
Atlanta GA Shadowbox style wood fence

Atlanta Georgia Shadowbox Style Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Atlanta is the shadowbox style.

Atlanta GA stockade style wood fence

Atlanta Georgia Stockade Style Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Atlanta is the stockade style.

Atlanta GA cap and trim style wood fence

Atlanta Georgia Cap & Trim Style Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Atlanta is the Cap & Trim style.

Atlanta GA horizontal style wood fence

Atlanta Georgia Horizontal Style Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Atlanta is the Horizontal style.

Atlanta GA Ranch Rail wood fence

Atlanta Georgia Ranch Rail Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Atlanta is the ranch rail.

Atlanta GA X Style wood fence

Atlanta Georgia X Style Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Atlanta is the ranch rail.


Improve Your Privacy with a Range of Privacy Fencing Choices

Here at Apex Fence Company, we recognize how vital it is to protect your privacy. We are therefore dedicated to working with you to design a private sanctuary in the beautiful region of Atlanta Georgia that meets your unique needs. Regardless of your preference for the classic allure of wood or the durable properties of vinyl, our outstanding fences are made to offer the best possible privacy and quality.

Atlanta Georgia wood privacy fencing

Atlanta GeorgiaWood Privacy

In the picturesque town of Atlanta, many of our esteemed customers appreciate the natural beauty and versatility of wood fences. With so many different designs and building methods at your disposal, you can create a wood privacy fence that enhances the beauty of your home while providing privacy. Invest in a wood privacy fence today to create your own private sanctuary.

Wood Privacy Fencing
Atlanta Georgia vinyl privacy fencing

Atlanta GeorgiaVinyl Privacy

The benefits of vinyl privacy fencing should be taken into consideration if you are looking for a long-lasting solution that requires little upkeep. Vinyl fences are well-known for their exceptional durability, as they resist warping, rotting, and fading. Vinul fences are extremely durable, providing a reliable shield of privacy. Improve the privacy surrounding your pool area, resulting in a calm setting perfect for leisure and relaxation.

Vinyl Privacy Fencing
Atlanta Georgia chain link privacy fencing

Atlanta GeorgiaChain Link Privacy

A strong chain link framework ensures durability and protection, while PVC slats installed within the links add an extra layer of privacy, making it difficult for outsiders to see through the fence. Chain link fences with privacy slats can be more affordable than other types of privacy fences and have little maintenance requirements so they will not need to be replaced or repaired as often.

Chain Link Privacy Fencing

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We are always here to answer your questions and assist you with your project. You can count on our design and estimating staff to get you the help you need right away!

Atlanta Georgia Property Owners: Meet Apex Fence Company

When you need reliable and professional service in Atlanta GA, look no further than our locally-owned and operated fence and commercial solutions company.

When it comes to earning the trust of families and businesses in Atlanta Georgia, Apex Fence Company is the clear choice. While our specialty lies in fence construction, our core value lies in providing exceptional customer service. We believe in enhancing the value, aesthetics, and security of your property by delivering top-notch products, maintaining open lines of communication, and employing a dependable team. From the very first interaction, you'll experience the consistent quality, unwavering integrity, and superb communication that set us apart.

There's a reason why more families and businesses in Atlanta Georgia put their trust in Apex Fence Company. We're a customer service company that just happens to build fences! Reach out today to see the Apex Fence Company difference!

The Apex Fence Company Difference in Atlanta Georgia Fence Installations

Fence Installation
in Atlanta Georgia

We install the best fences for all situations in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta Georgia professional Fence Installation

Atlanta GeorgiaProfessional Fence Installation

We can handle the whole thing! If you would like our team of fencing experts to install a fence at your Atlanta property, no problem, we have installed both residential fences and commercial fences in Atlanta.

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When it comes to fencing solutions, Apex Fence Company is the go-to company for both commercial and residential property owners. Give us a call now to find out why we're the top service provider in Atlanta Georgia and beyond!

Buying a Fence in Atlanta Georgia

Our Simple Process

Getting a fence in Atlanta couldn't be easier than through our one-stop shopping. The Apex Fence Company crew has been in the business since 2005, so we are aware of all the ins and outs of top-notch fence installation. At our company, we carry a large selection of fence materials to meet your needs.

Buying a fence step 1: Design Your Fence Online
Measure the Property

Get an accurate measure of your yard in order to calculate how much fencing material you'll need and exactly where you'll need to install it.

Buying a fence step 2: Speak with Our Fence Expert
Choose a Style

Take your time and choose the fencing material, design, and finish that will best complement your home. Our team is glad to help!

Buying a fence step 3: Installation
Delivery & Installation

As soon as you've made your fence and style decision, our crew can schedule the arrival of materials and get your installation on our schedule at a time that works best for you. You're on your way to a beautiful new fence!

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Learn about Apex Fence Companywith all of our most frequently asked questions in Atlanta GA.

Apex Fence Company has been installing fences in Atlanta Georgia for more than 18 years. Our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional craftsmanship and customer service has helped us to become recognized as a leading fence company in the Atlanta area. Speak with our friendly staff today for high-quality products and exceptional customer support.

Yes, at an extra cost, we do provide tear-out services. We can meet your needs if you need existing fencing removed before installing a new fence from Apex Fence Company. For further information, including costs for tear-out services, please get in touch with us.

Depending on the type of fence, it changes. Wood fences may need to be stained or painted every two to three years, although ornamental steel, aluminum, and vinyl fences require very little maintenance. Chain link fences don't need a lot of upkeep, although occasionally damaged parts need to be replaced or tightened.

The Federal Communications Commission has designated '811' as the national 'Call Before You Dig' phone number. By using '811,' we guarantee that, before beginning any digging or construction work for your fence installation, we follow all required safety procedures. Utility companies are notified to mark the locations of underground utilities on your property by calling '811,' as we do. By preventing unintentional harm to essential utilities like gas, water, electricity, and communication lines, this practice helps to ensure safety and minimize installation-related disturbances.

We provide the best customer service possible to each and every one of our clients. Our company's top priorities are client satisfaction and quality control. All of our team members undergo continuous, in-depth training to stay up-to-date on installation methods and give their clients the best possible experience.

Our array of fences is expertly constructed from premium materials, guaranteeing durability against Georgia diverse weather. You may be confident that our fences are made to last the weather in Atlanta, regardless of whether you have blazing sun, heavy rainfall, or occasional storms. No matter the weather, you can rely on Apex Fence Company to deliver long-lasting performance and durability with any fence you choose.

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